Symbolist Paintings in Egg Tempera

After a good practice of Oil painting, in 1979 I started to get involved with Egg Tempera under James Eddie kind instructions. Since then, I carried on my way in the Surrealistic / Fantastic - Realism / Symbolism branch following Artists such as Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Magritte, etc. ... I think that in any matter, technique and spiritual concerns both work in an alternate growth helping us to slip through appearances ...

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More than a sponsor, I would like to meet a friend to share my aspirations with a psychic and affective complicity. To achieve myself, I have to live in full confidance and feel moral support. To be continued

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Fantastic Realism in Egg Tempera

Hugues Delbergue - Artist in France Nice Monaco
Master of Science in Art Education from "Florida International University" Miami USA
BS Interior Design from "Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs" Paris France
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Without personal fortune, an artist can't reveal himself. Thanks to the support of shrewd and unselfish sponsors, without constraint, numerous artists were able to accomplish their art freely and so contribute to cultural enrichment. Nevertheless, Liberty of thought and action is basic to creativity, fot this reason I militate in favor of the french web site "Le Triomphe de Ganymède", victory of art over repression, the one of the intelligence over the forbiden. This virtual and interactive MSN Community is dedicated to art and homosexuality under all its forms, for the pleasure of the eyes and spirit, for sharing of emotions.

My paintings exhibited in this site represent a short period of my life. It is just an idea of what I should have done. I live psychological and material inimical conditions which are the consequences of my family behaviour. For this reason, in spite of much exertion and struggle, I could never get into an apropriate position allowing positive results. My inspiration and motivation are far to be gone. On the contrary my mind has evolved and suffers for not being able to express itself. There is a shift between my previous achievements and my real potential. Obviously, painting is my first concern, however I also enjoy to give tutoring. I would like so much to paint in peace into a real art studio, without constraint, away from stupid contingencies.

I am waiting for an heaven anywhere in that world or in any other exiting one or even better on "PROSPECTIVE EARTH".

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Hugues Delbergue

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