My Philosophy

My experiences and observations drove me to some kind of life perception giving a big importance to natural environment. Its preservation should be a priority as it carries very subtle and essentials resources to our physical and mental balance.

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PROSPECTIVE EARTH , Hope of Universal Peace for all living beings.
I am initiating a web site, "Prospective Earth", presently in process and having for mission :
- to find out where lies the real problem of Humanity,
- to think about solutions for an effective lasting peace and relative happiness for every creature living on our planet.

This site will is startin in French until it gets stabilised. Nevertheless you can already contribute to the project by visiting "Prospective Earth" and by joigning our international Group. Lets stop being indifferent or resigned face to a system which enslaves and destroys us. Don't get abused by the ones who have the power. WAKE UP ! express specific problems of your country (politics, social economics, religious, ecologics, etc. ), supplemented by links, files, pictures, in order to constitute an international data bank, which we will synthesize in the site. You can also organise polls, projects, actions, and so on … Thank you for recording any positive action as well.

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SMOKE DEN, Dictatorship of drug addicts :
I do not accept to be smoked out anymore ! If you want to smoke, it is your problem ..., respect regulations and specific areas,
Non-smokers' Rights Association - Smoking and Health Action Foundation.

For you - For others - For life
Take a good decision today.
Free yourself and others,
Stop smoking for ever

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Natural environment protection is obvious to me. I love wild life and I like to see wild and domestic animals respected and free. After having enslaved animals by necessity, now, we are able to restore animals to freedom. Open your eyes and look at animals' pain through our responsibility, facing a reality for which we simulate ignorance. People behaviour is quite shocking, when considering that :

- Humans torture or murder animals, only for personal pleasure.
Humans use animals for experiments.
Humans train animals for struggle and constrain them to hate.
by selfishness, to relieve their lack of love and loneliness, Humans detain animals prisoners in cages or in apartments. Animals stay often locked up or tied all the day long. Theirs owners do not take care for their boredom and sufferance. Dogs keep barking constantly, some to madness. These "owners" hold their neighbours in contempt, forcing them to put up silently with a misery out of their control.
Humans walk with their animals tied like slaves, having to follow the good will of their tyrannical masters.
Humans breed animals in order to be killed to satisfy their sordid and terrifying feeding habits.

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Personal Believes (in process) :
Life is just a dream between others. Considering our personal dreams and our so told "common reality" at the same level brings up to some evidences. Nothing is reel.
There is not much difference between our dreams and the so called "reality". One can be perceived as the other.
"Reality" is just a temporary vibration, a mental picture produced by ? (a group of souls to which we belong or some universal intelligence of our universe being located into a certain dimension). In that sense we could be the actors of somebody dream.
In our dreams we mainly experience pictures produced by our personal mental vibrations or issued from other intelligence. As in "Reality" we are facing our fears and beliefs, all resulting of our past experiences through education, customs and traditions. While dreaming, w
e can undergo a difficult situation and believe than it is reality. If we realize that this perception is only a picture that we are producing, then it becomes easy to start thinking different and so change the picture of the apparent reality in the instant. (Let say if we are attacked by a monster. Instead of staying into a frighten contemplation, like a magic action we can decide to turn the monster into a poppy country. To do so we have to realize than it is just a dream, than the monster is not reel and start thinking in something pleasant to replace the previous picture.)
In the "Reality", it works on a similar mode. In consequences our Spirit has an unlimited potential but our physical body is limited by our mental fears.
When our Soul/Spirit and our Physical body work in harmony, it generates a state of high happiness. In a such condition fear disappear and any positive desire become reel or possible to accomplish. We are permanently facing our fears and we have trouble to admit that we can change our vision by just relaxing. Changing our fear into confidence can bring positive thoughts becoming suddenly "real". up the page

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Favourite quotes :
- "Everything by love, Nothing by force" - St François de Sales, 1726
- Help when it is possible and don't expect anything in return.
- Three years are sufficient to learn how to speak, but we need the entire life to learn to keep quiet.
- Your vision will come clear only when you look into your heart.
- Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.


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