Technique and Spirituality
One must not forget that the principal role of pictorial representation is and has always been magical before all else. The prehistoric people, for example, did cave paintings to invoke good fortune before they hunted. As cultures developed, art forms were monopolizes by religions and the Church for the glory of God or gods. Once Church and State became separated, this primitive bond between art and spiritual got apparently lost in the major forms of art that evolved.
Nevertheless, a few artists did develop a personal dreamlike form of art in which the spiritual found its place even more truly because it was free from the bondage of all sterile forms of institutions. Therein lies the "reel" art. Painting, like any other art technique, has as its goal to connect us with the spiritual world of dreams, the imaginary and whatsoever. It is a secret language that no literature or any other form of communication could replace. Like a mantra, a painting is a question, a thought without precise answer in which humanity seeks by groping life's mysteries.
Technique and the spiritual, then, have a reciprocal, mutually constructive relationship in which "the spiritual makes the hand and the hand makes the spirit" (H. Focillon). It should be obvious that technique is a way to spiritual growth, a step toward greater consciousness in which the art produced is not an end in itself. What matters is the consciousness the art brings to the producer as well as the beholder.
In order to reach the spiritual level with painting, one must grow in the love of a true craft and its refinements. Paint, Brushes and support can be compared to an instrument. A musician must start by loving his instrument, fascinated by its resonant harmonies, and understanding how it functions before being able to truly get involved with playing. In this state of consciousness, one has more ability to select the most acute instrument responding exactly to one's will and allowing one in turn to develop a more acute will. A cloudy thought can thereby become more precise. Step by step the spiritual can grow because the technique is there responding with fewer limitations and with greater fidelity to the artist's orders.

In short, art is a unified beauty in which technique and spirituality cannot be separated.

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