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James Eddie
James Eddie

~ Honorary Member ~
Sussex UK English  Send a Mail
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English Punk $US 12,000.00 Carnation Cheese and Loaf Gata Church
Realistic Tradition : Portraits - Flowers - Still lives - Sceneries
Anthony Black
Instant Messaging
Anthony Black
Brisbane, Australia
English Send a Mail
Intimacy Devastation The Rose Rosella

Babis Kiliaris
North Aegean, Greece
Greek English Send a Mail

St John Jesus Madona St.George
Byzantine Icons

Brigid Marlin
English French Dutch

Send a Mail

UK Vice Chair
The Society of
Tempera Painters

Ghost of Spring
Wolves in St Mark's Cathedral, Venice Cupid and Psyche The Flight of the Churches
The Art of Imagination

Camelia Ionescu-Popa
Instant Messaging

Bucharest Rumania
Rumanian Italian Send a Mail

Virgin Mary 28x26 cm $200
Jesus Christ 23x29 cm $200 osition 2 22x33 cm $200 osition 3 22x33 cm $200
Byzantine Tradition - Abstraction

Dominique Rémond
Ile de France, France
French Send a Mail
Phone +33 (0) 145 82 62 42

Infinity Lotus Flower Indian Danse
Indian Danse

Hugues Delbergue
Instant Messaging
Hugues Delbergue
Founder Member ~ Nice France  Send a Mail
French English Spanish
Teach Egg Tempera
Forum - Guest Book

Pleasure to come Birth and Return Flowing paralysis Behind the glasses
Symbolism - Fantastic Realism - Surrealism
Ioan Popa in 1999
Instant Messaging
Ioan Popa
Bucharest Rumania
Rumanian Italian
English German Send a Mail
Byzantine Icons

Ivanka Kortzanova
Helsinki Finland
Bulgarian English Send a Mail

Orthodox, Bulgarian & Byzantine Icons

Juliette Hemingway
Juliette Hemingway

Colorado US
English  Send a Mail

The World Art and Music Filomena Strawberries
Portraits - Still lives
Kevin Maedgen
Instant Messaging
Kevin Maedgen
California USA
English French Send a Mail  Send a Mail
Self-Portrait in a Dead Man's Ha Double Decker Portrait of Melissa Double Portrait (verso)
Theater of Paint - Magic Realism - Surrealism

Loretta Cuda
Boston MA USA
English Send a Mail
Teach Egg Tempera

Eye of the Beholder 6" x 4" Bosc Pears  5" x 7" Green Grapes 5" X 7" Three Red Pears 6" x 4"
Realism - Still lifes


Holland - Italy - France
English Italian Dutch French German Send a Mail
Teach Egg Tempera

Entre as almas e as estrellas Selva Morale Pilgrimage Sicilia
Historical - Symbolism - Fantastic - Landscapes

Instant Messaging
Maria Mirea
Bucharest Rumania
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Yahoo Profile
$ 1200 - 27"1/2 x 19"11/16 (70x50 cm) $ 400  - 9" x 11"3/4 (22,5x30 cm)
Rumanian Icons
 Paresh Hazra
Instant Messaging
Paresh Hazra
Bangalore Karnataka India
Bengali Hindi English Send a Mail
Indian folk motives with contemporary themes

Raymond Dumoux
Raymond Dumoux

Bourgogne France
French  Send a Mail

Symbolism - Historic - Mythologic - Biblic

Rob Miliken
Nottingham UK
English Send a Mail

UK Vice President
Secretary & Treasurer
The Society of
Tempera Painters

Council of war Study captured and bound Tension
Life Studies - Coastal

Rosemary Sylvanus Antel
Sylvanus Antel

Seattle Washington USA
English Send a Mail

Whell of life White peonies IX Nowegian musicians White peonies II
Symbolism - Flowers - Realism - Landscapes

Sheila Simpson
English & French Send a Mail

The sun also rises Où sont les poissons ? I saw him in Chinatown in winter Branching out
Zefir Kukushev  in  2003
Instant Messaging
Sofia Bulgaria Send a Mail
Bulgarian Russian English
Teach Egg Tempera
Kamini Rose Infadeable Madona Saint
Icons, Magic Realism, Surrealism & Symbolism

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International and local phone number,
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Any complementary text information in order to present yourself and catch interest.
Indicate your favorite painting subjects, for instance :
Abstract, Fantastic, Realism, Flowers, Icons, Landscapes, Magic, Realism, New Age, Nudes, Portraits, Realism, Sea view, Still Lifes, Surrealism, Symbolism, ... any other painting style.

If you have a web site, we would appreciate a return link to :
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Sending your datas means that you accept them to be published in our Egg Tempera Fine Art web site.
Think to notify us any updates or rectifications.
The unique goal of this gallery is to promote Egg Tempera and its painters for free.
If you desagree or change your mind ask to be removed from the gallery.

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